How to add a Quiz to Content

Once a Quiz has been created, it will be accessible through the Assessment tab in the course. However, sometimes it is useful to link it directly in the Content Area of the course as well.

This manual will show how to:

  • Add a Quiz to the Content Area

Adding a quiz to the Content Area

In the navbar, click on Content to go to the Content Area

1. In the Content Area, click on the module to which the Quiz has to be added.

2. Click Existing Activities to open the drop-down menu

3. From the drop-down menu click Quizzes, a pop-up menu will open

4. From the pop-up menu, select the Quiz to be added.

Any restrictions and release conditions that were pre-set in the Quiz will be used in the Content Area as well. Any changes to these through the Edit Properties In-Place will also be linked to the Quiz, not just the topic.

You now know how to add a Quiz to the Content Area!

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