How to set restrictions for a Quiz

Restrictions can be used to limit access of students to quizzes. For example by setting a start and/or end date, or by having the requirement of having completed another part of the course first.

This manual will show how to:

  • Use restrictions for a quiz
  1. Navigate to Assessments in the navbar of the course.
  2. From the drop-down menu click Quizzes, this will open the Quiz Homepage

3. Click on the arrow next to the quiz to be edited to open the drop-down menu, click Edit, this will open the Edit Quiz menu

Go to Restrictions (second tab)

Basic restrictions

  1. Under Status, set the status to Active or Inactive; before students can see and make the quiz, the status should be set on Active
  2. When the quiz should be made before a specific date, tick the box Has Due Date and set the due date. This date will appear in the Calendar of the students. The quiz will still be visible and available after the due date
  3. Under Availability, when a quiz should not be available from a specific date, or no longer be available to students after a specific date, tick the box Has Start Date, or Has End Date respectively; both can be active simultaneously
  4. Tick the box Display In Calendar if the start and/or end dates should also be visible in the calendar. This option has no influence on the calendar visibility for the due date
  5. Additional Release Conditions can be attached to the quiz to make the quiz available to only those students that comply with the conditions; for example a quiz is only available once a lab report is submitted
  6. When release conditions are added, select the option whether students have to meet one of these conditions (Any condition must be met) or all conditions (All conditions must be met)

Advanced restrictions

If no options are visible, press Expand optional advanced restrictions to unfold the following options:

  1. Under Optional Advanced Restrictions the following options are available:
    • Set a Password that has to be entered before access to the quiz is granted
    • Click Add new IP Range when the quiz should only be accessible from specific computers
  2. Under Timing select whether the quiz has a Recommended Time Limit or an Enforced Time Limit
    • With a Recommended Time Limit only a recommended time can be entered, with the option to show a countdown clock (Show Clock)
    • With the Enforced Time Limit enter the amount of time students will have to make the quiz, with an optional Grade Period students will have to make final changes and submit the quiz before it is marked late. The consequences of exceeding the time limit can be selected below the Exceeded Time Limit Behaviour:
      • Allow the student to continue working will allow the student to continue, but the submission will be marked late
      • Prevent the student from making further changes will only allow the student to submit the quiz as is
      • Allow the student to continue working, but automatically score the attempt as zero after an extended deadline will give the student extra time (1-120 minutes) to finish the test, after which it will automatically be scored 0
  3. Special Access gives specific students extra options with regards to the quiz, without having to change the quiz for all students:
    • Tick the box Allow selected users special access to this quiz to grant specific students extra time, extra attempts or an extended deadline
    • Tick the box Allow only users with special access to see this quiz to limit the availability of the quiz to selected students NB: if the due date was set in the Restrictions tab, all students will still be able to see the quiz, but only special access users can do the quiz
    • Click Add Users to Special Access to select the users that require special access, and the additional settings for the special access. The settings that are entered will only apply to the users that are selected before Save and Close. This way different special access users can have different special access settings.
      • With Special Access Properties an adjusted due-, start- and end-date can be selected. Also an adjusted time limit can be specified under Timing.
      • The number of Attempts can be specified by ticking the box Override attempts allowed; this can be both lower or higher than those of regular students
      • Advanced Attempt Conditions can be used to set a minimum and/or maximum score students must attain before another attempt is allowed (NB: this option is only visible with 2-10 attempts allowed)
      • Use View By to search the students requiring special access and tick the boxes to select the student(s) for special access
      • Click Add Special Access
  4. Check the settings and click Save and Close

You now know how to set restrictions for a Quiz!

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