How to edit properties and move a topic in Content

A topic in the module has more information than just a title of the topic. You can also move a certain topic to another (sub) module.

This manual will show you how to

Add description and track progress

  1. Navigate to Content in the navbar of your course
  2. Navigate to the (sub) module that contains the topic that you want to edit
  3. Click on the arrow next to the topic
  4. Click on Edit Properties In-place
  • Click on¬†Add a description¬†¬†to add a short description to the topic, so that students can see the content and the purpose thereof.¬†So it is not about the actual content, but a short description that makes clear what the topic is about
  • Select the tracking progress of the topic
    • Required: Automatic:¬†when a student clicks on the topic, it is recorded that he/she has completed the topic
    • Required: Manual: students indicate themselves when they have completed the topic
    • Not Required: you do not keep track of how many students completed the topic and when

Always include items that require an assessment, such as an Assignment or a Quiz that is not intended for self-study, with the Required: Manual marking. So that students can keep on track on what they did and what needs to be done.

Move and delete

  • Click on the arrow next to a topic to move or delete it
  • Click¬†Move up¬†or¬†Move Down¬†to move the topic within the (sub) module.¬†Click¬†Move To¬†to move the topic to another (sub) module. A pop-up window will open and select the desired (sub) module
  • Click¬†Delete Topic¬†to delete the topic
  • Another option is to move a topic by dragging it to the right place.¬†To do this, keep the menu icon for the topic clicked and drag the topic to another location within the (sub) module or to another (sub) module


You now know how to edit properties and move a topic in Content!