How to insert Quicklinks in the Editor

A Quicklink is a way to insert a direct link to content. For example, teachers can create a survey or quizzes for students with Quicklinks that take students directly to specific content parts. You can create new  Quicklinks to any content topics, and you can create a Quicklink from any page that uses the HTML Editor.

This article will show you:


  1. Navigate to the HTML Editor where you want to insert the Quicklink
  2. Click on Insert Quicklink
Quicklink icon

A new pop-up window opens with the list of Course Materials and External Learning Tools,

  1. Select the content you want to hyperlink. The item appears as a link in the editor

Scrolling down, under the Third Party, there are all the External Learning tools such as Virtual Classroom or Feedback Fruits

Quicklinks options

It is possible to directly link content modules and submodules via a Quicklink. To do so:

  1. Navigate to the HTML Editor where you want to insert the Quicklink,
  2. Click on Insert Quicklink
Quicklink icon
  1. Click on Content
  1. Select the desired module
Select the model you want to insert
  1. Click on the plus sign after the name of the module (top right of the list)
Plus sign to add a all content
  1. Add the module by clicking on Insert
Click on insert
  1. Navigate to Content in the green navigation bar of the course
  2. Navigate to the desired (sub) module
  3. Click Upload / Create 
  4. Click Create a File

5.  Add a Title

6.  Click on Insert Quicklink

Add Title|Add Quicklink

This will open a list of available Quicklinks to be inserted,

  1. Click on Surveys


Quicklink options

8.  Click on the desired Survey to add it directly in the editor


Click on the pencil icon behind the Survey Title to first edit the options

Directly insert Quicklink or click on the pencil icon

In the pop-up window Insert Quicklink,

  1. You can edit the Title
  2. Select whether you want the link to be open in a Whole Window, the Same Frame or a New Window
  3. Click on Insert
Insert quicklink window
  1. The blue text in the editor is the link (Optional: add a description for the students)
  2. Click Publish to make the file with the link available in your course


Click on Save as Draft to work on it later

Quicklink|Text Editor


You now know how to add quick links to the Editor!