How to enable students to track the content they have already seen

This article will discuss completion tracking for students and shows the student view.

Completion tracking

Using Completion Tracking, students can be enabled to keep track of what content they already viewed. Students will then tick the box behind the topic when they completed it. In the Table of Contents of the course, the number behind module names indicated how many "to complete" topics the module consists of. For students, this number will be updated with every tick of the box. In this way, students are able to easily see how many items they have to complete per week/subject.

The default setting for Completion Tracking is on. When Completion Tracking is on, there are two possibilities: Required: Automatic and Required: Manual. 

  • Required: Automatic - Brightspace will automatically tick the box when students clicked the topic (Files, Links) or handed in something (Assignments, Quizzes, Surveys). Using this option, an item can be ticked off too early, without the student having completed the item
  • Required: Manual - students decide themselves when to tick the box (so when they think they have completed an item)┬á ┬á ┬á

At the WUR, the default setting is Required: Manual. 

Student view

In the image, the contentpage of studentpreview with Completion Tracking activated is shown. 

1. The module "Week 1" is opened. This topic still has 5 topics to complete (see number behind module) 

2. The progression bar indicated the total amount of topics, which is 7 in this case. The student has already completed 2 out of the 7 items (28.57% 2 of 7 topics complete). This can also be seen by the ticked boxes on the page (3), or the number next to the module (7 - 2 = 5) (1)

When adding items to certain (sub)modules, the (orange) number next to the (sub)module will update automatically. If 3 more items are added to Week 1, the number would update to 8.