How to set up a Default Path for a Content module

Creating content in your Brightspace course page requires you to create a default path. Default Path is the link between a module in Content of your Brightspace course page and where the file is really stored in the system (the Manage Files). Therefore, the Default Path needs to be set to the corresponding folder in the Manage Files tool.

Default path is a way how to link the module in Content of your Brightspace course page with where the file is really stored in the system (the Manage Files). Manage Files is a space where all documents, HTML pages created in Brightspace, images will end up once you add them to your course's content.

Manage Files is only visible to users with a role in the Brightspace course page higher than a Student role.

This article will explain:

  • how to set up the Default Path of an existing (sub)module

Before you begin you will have to create the folders in Manage Files.

First, navigate to your course. Then,

  1. Click Content
  2. Click the existing module in the Table of Contents
  3. The module's content opens on the right side of the screen, then click the downward arrow next to the title of the module
  4. Click Set Default Path from the drop-down menu
Click Content, Click the module, click the arrow next to the modules title, Click Set default path

A window pops out. Here you will see the current path of the module. By default this leads to the general storage space in Manage Files of the course.

In the pop up window

5. Click the button Change Path

click button Change Path

The line of text above the Change Path button indicates where the content of the module links to now.

In the new pop-out window you will see overview of the created folders in Manage Files.

The highlighted folder is the folder to which the content is currently linked.

folder tree opens

6. Click on the [folder name] to select it (highlights in blue) and to which you want your Content module to be linked to

7. Then, click the blue button Select Path

Click the folder name where you want to link the module to

The pop-up window closes and you will land on the first pop-up window with the information where to is your Content module linked now in Manage Files.

8. Click the blue button Save to finish the setup

Click Save button

You have linked the Content module with a folder in your Manage Files now. This means any files you add by drag and drop to the module in the Content will appear in the linked Manage Files folder.

You now know how to set the Default Path of a module in Brightspace!

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