How to add questions to a Quiz

When you have created and set up the quiz you can add questions to it or import questions from the Question Library.

This article will explain how to:

Adding questions to a quiz

  1. Click on Assessments in the green navigation bar
  2. From the drop-down menu click Quizzes
Click Assessment, then click Quizzes

To add question whilst creating a new quiz check the article How to create a Quiz in order to check the steps before adding questions. Then proceed directly to Step 5 of this article.

On the Quiz homepage navigate to the quiz to which you want to add questions. Then,

  1. Click on the black arrow next to the quiz name to open the quiz quickmenu
  2. Click on Edit to add questions to an existing quiz
Click arrow next to quiz name, then click Edit
  1. Click on Add/Edit Questions this will open the question menu for the quiz

For a new quiz, this is only possible after entering a name for the quiz.

Click Add or Edit questions button

Now, the Question Editor will open and you can choose to either (1) Add or (2) Import questions.

Quiz question creator opens with buttons Add and Import

1. Adding quiz questions by creating them (one by one)

(Steps 6 to 12) Adding quiz questions via button Add
  1. Click on Add to create a question or a quiz section or a question pool
  2. Click on New Question to add a new question

It's now possible to select the type of question to add.

Click Add, then click New Question

Several options of question types appear.

  1. Let's choose a Multiple Choice question (MC)
types of questions to add drop-down menu

Now, the question editor opens.

9. Enter the Question Text

When clicking in the text box, options will appear to:

  • format text (bold, italics, underlined)
  • to Add a File, Insert Stuff or insert equations
  • and to enlarge the text editor field (last icon of four arrows) to access more text editor options

If you include a picture in the question, you need to insert this picture in the text editor, instead of copying and pasting it. See, how to insert image in the text editor.

10. Add Answers

Each answer's text box has the option of a text editor as in the Question Text box.

  • Reorder answers by clicking on the vertical dots in front of the answer and dragging it up or down in the list.
  • Add more answers by clicking on the Add Answer in blue letters
  • Randomize answer order for each student by clicking on the Selectbox
  • Choose Enumeration style by selecting one from the drop down menu

For Written Response (WR), Arithmetic (ORD), and Significant Figures (x10) quiz question types you have an additional option for students to Enable inserted images and attachments (Add a File, Record Audio, Record Video) as their answer.

11. Add Points per question

By default the value is 1. The points cannot be eliminated, a value per question is always needed.

12. Save / Save and New / Save and Copy

Click on:

  • the blue button Save to close the Question editor and return to the list of questions


  • Click on the arrow on the blue button to choose from Save and New (to continue onto creating a next question) or Save and Copy (to copy the current question and edit it in the next step)
(Optional) Options

Optionally you can customize each question by clicking on the Options in blue letters above the Question Text box to :

  • Add Feedback - per answer and/or overall feedback
  • Add Hint - needs to be enabled in the quiz settings (Optional Advanced Properties)
  • Add Short Description - you can add a description outside the Question text
  • Add Custom Weights - per question answer
  • Add/Remove Enumeration - by default enumeration is turned on

On the right side of the question editor you can see the preview of the question while you are creating its content.

After you have saved your question, the next view will appear where you can find all the questions that you created for this quiz.

13. (Optional) Click on Preview to open a new window where you will see how the questions look like for students

14. Click on Add to continue adding more questions to your quiz

15. When you are ready adding questions, click on Back to Settings

quiz question addition view

2. Adding quiz questions by importing them (from a file or Question Library)

(Steps 6 to 7) Adding quiz questions via button Import

You can also add questions to your quiz by importing them.

Follow the steps 1 to 5 from the section Adding quiz questions of this article. Then,

  1. Click on Import to import existing questions,
  2. From the drop-down menu choose:
    • Upload a File to import questions from a file (only .csv and .zip files are supported), or 
    • Browse Question Library to import questions from the Question Library to this quiz
import button and drop-down menu to upload files or browse question library

To import question from Question Library please continue to the article How to add questions to a Quiz from Question Library.

Follow the system's instructions of either of the options on importing questions to your quiz.

You now know how to add questions to a quiz in Brightspace!

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