How to create a WUR Guest Account

For guest lecturers with no WUR account it is possible to arrange a Guest Account so that they can use Brightspace. Guest lecturers that already have an X-account can continue to use this alongside their new Guest Account, to log into Blackboard or Sharepoint for example. This article will give you an overview on how to create a WUR Guest Account.

The X-account does NOT work in Brightspace, therefore you need to have a WUR Guest Account.

Guest Account

To go to the Guest Account page, surf to

Please be aware that is only accessible from the WUR network and via MyWorkspace (from an external location)!

1.  Then, click on New Guest Account

2.  On Create Guest Account, fill in the required fields

  • Use a meaningful description, like the name of the requester, or the course code or chair group.
  • Please think carefully about the expiration date. Is the guest lecturer here only until the end of the calendar year? Let it expire on December 31st. The requestor can always edit the expiration date if necessary (except for the situation mentioned in the bullet below).
  • Please be aware that at the moment the WUR Guest Account will no longer be visible in the tool as soon as the expiration date has been reached. Therefore, as soon as the expiration date has been reached, the WUR Guest Account can no longer be extended.

3.  Select the enrolment types

For Guest Lecturers in Brightspace we only use the Affiliate enrolment type. At this moment it is not possible to login to Sharepoint with a Guest Account. An X-account can still be used for this purpose. Make sure to create the X-account first! And create the WUR Guest Account second. An X-account can be created here:

4.  Once all fields have been filled in, click Create

Now, you will be asked to confirm the account you have created

5.  Read the rules and regulations and check that you accept them and click on Create account(s)

The guest will receive an e-mail (if the email option 'Send new user confirmation email' is checked) with a link asking them to create a password

After creating the password, the guest is a user in Brightspace and can log in to Brightspace via The guest is NOT yet enrolled in any course, with a certain role. This must be done after the guest has become a user in Brightspace.

NB: The guest cannot use MyPortal, WUR PC’s, or the eduroam wifi network with the Guest Account. A wifi guest account can be created here:

Now you know how to create a WUR Guest Account!