How to replace files in Brightspace

This article will show how to replace existing files in Brightspace.

  1. Click on Content in the navigation bar of the course
Content navbar
  1. Go to the desired (sub) module where you want  your document to be replaced
  2. Navigate to the file you would like to change and click on the arrow next to it
  3. Click Change File
Course overview

The user will be redirected to the file page.

  1. Upload the new file by using drag & drop, Upload, Record video or audio, or Choose Existing
Change file

Clicking the box Notify student that the content has changed will sent an email to the classilist

  1. Click Update to save the changes
File change tab

Your file is now replaced by another file. However, the 'old' file will keep existing in your Manage Files (Course Tools > Manage Files).

You now know how to replace a file in Brightspace!