Using Chemdoodle to draw chemical structures in digital assignments

This article will show an example of how Chemdoodle can be used by teachers and students to draw chemical structures in digital assignments.

Course: ORC12803 Organic Chemistry 1

Short Introduction and background

In Digital Exams (ANS), it is a bit of a challenge for teachers to ask students to draw chemical structures.For this kind of questions, Chemdoodle sketcher can be used in combination with Ans in 2 versions:

  • one where students draw from scratch (basic version)
  • one where students can draw from a given starting structure (admin version)

In attachments, you can find a manual on how to use Chemdoodle in a digital exam by teachers. Also there is a video for the students to show them how they can use the most important features of Chemdoodle.

The most important advantages of this chemical sketcher are:

  • Its ease of use by the students
  • Its feature to not help students during the exam by autocorrection of the structure (e.g. number of H atoms)

Relevant tools/app's (software) or hardware used

Lesson idea/learning activity

The idea is to give the students a link to Chemdoodle in the digital exam questions, and students draw the chemical structures, export it into an image, and attach this image to their answer in Ans.

Lessons learned/tips

It would be beneficial that students do a preparation module that is already available in Ans (invest about 2 hours) to be able to use Chemdoodle in the exam in the most efficient way. Otherwise, students might waste some time exploring the tool's options.

Chemdoodle can be used as well by students in Tutorials and Brightspace (Assignments, Quizzes, Discussion forums, etc.).


Educational supporters: Carlos Youssef 

TLC contact: Mina Atia


Here you can find the manual for teachers.

The following is a Chemdoodle Demo video for Students:


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