Exploring a future-proof Haringvliet with the Peek app

This article will show an example of how an application can be used in a course fieldwork.

Students photographed during fieldwork in Haringvliet

Course: AEW32306 Marine Systems
Period: Period 1

Short Introduction and background

Introduction and story behind the emergence of this learning activity. What was the need, what issue/problem was the teacher facing and wanted to resolve? 

This course focuses on unravelling the key mechanisms that determine sustainability of the human use of marine ecosystems. During the course, students will collectively investigate various marine cases dealing with prominent issues in the management of the social-ecological system. One important activity was always the excursion including fieldwork.  

To keep this activity on location and activating, while maintaining our distance and following the Covid-19 measures, we decided to work with the newly introduced Peek app. 

Relevant tools / apps (software) or hardware used

Learning outcome(s)

What has been learned after this lesson/activity has been executed ?

The excursion, during which students also perform fieldwork is quite essential to actually see a social-ecological system in practice and to apply certain sampling techniques. 

Lesson idea / Learning activity

Specific description and demonstration of the lesson idea/learning activity.

Before the start of the course, a route was created in the Peek app. It was a fixed route with numbers because the route forms a story with different perspectives and thus the points had a certain sequence.  

During the course, more than 100 students were taken to the Haringvliet by buses. Here, they walked from location to location, following the directions in the Peek app. During the trip, the students learned about nature conservation in the Haringvliet, looking at different perspectives and specifically focusing on the potential effects of climate change in the future. Also, they were asked to do water quality measurements and to share these results in the app.  


In this trip, several stakeholders were asked to prepare a short podcast about their vision on the project. These podcasts were added to the questions at different locations so students could listen to these stories while observing the surroundings.  


Students travelled by bus from area one to area two and could hop-on and hop-off.

Lessons learned / Tips

Mentions tips lecturer has for colleagues based on their experience.



Teacher(s): Ingrid van de Leemput
TLC contact (on MS Teams):
Barbara van Mossevelde
Author (interviewer): -


  • Peek app website: www.peek.app 
  • More information on Peek app for self-guided field trips: What’s up, What’s new Brightspace page
  • Visualisation of the map on the mobile phone app: (visual below)
Visualisation of the map on the mobile phone Peek app
  • Presentation of the Peek app for the Haringvliet excursion: (visual below)


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