How to access the viewer analytics of a video in YuJa

YuJa offers the possibility to get insights into the viewer analytics.

Depending on how the content is added to your course, you can view some of these statistics in Brightspace. Although the viewer statistics in YuJa is more extensive.

Viewer analytics might be useful to know:

  • How many students have watched your videos at any given moment in time
  • At what point in time the viewers drop off

In this article you will learn how to access the viewer analytics of a video.

You can only access the viewer analytics of your own videos

To access the viewers analytic, in the green navigation bar: 

  1. Click on Course Tools
  2. Select Manage Media (YuJa)
Manage videos

You will be redirected to the Media Library. Navigate to the video you want to access the viewer analytics of and:

  1. Hover over the video
  2. Select More... 
Media library

The menu Media Details appears.

  1. Click on Analytics on the left hand side of the menu
  2. Click on More to get more options

When clicking on More, the Usage and Analytics page will open.

More in analytics
  1. Viewing Behavior graph shows how many people watch the video at what time
  2. Hot Spots shows points that are "atypical" (e.g. a dramatic rise or drop in the graph)  
  3. Through the search bar you can move among the videos in your library, to see their analytics


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