How to manage a video in YuJa

In YuJa, you can manage videos through the Media library. The rights depends on the permission you have.

This article will show you how to:

Set rights and roles

Role in Brightspace
Role in YuJa
Course Coordinator
Course Administrator Lecturer
Lecturer  Lecturer
Teaching Assistant Lecturer
Student Assistant Lecturer
Guest Lecturer Lecturer
Guest Presenter Lecturer
Guest Presenter Lecturer
Educational Designer
Chairgroup Edu Officer
Viewer Student 
Super Viewer Student 
Student  Student 
Re-exam Student Student 
Pre-Student Student 
Chairgroup Dummy Student Student 

Give viewing access to students

To make video content available to your students, you can follow two different routes: 

Via Brightspace Content

All videos included as topics or as part of a description or HTML file will be accessible to your students. Here, how to add a video to your course.  

Via the YuJa Channel

Drag and drop the video to the channel

Giving access to the YuJa Channel will allow students to retrieve all the videos within a course in a specific place.  

As only Weblectures and Livestreams are placed in your channel automatically, you will have to publish all other videos in your channel manually

To publish a video into a course channel in the Media Library:  

  1. Search the video of your choice, using the Search bar or moving to the channel hosting the video
  2. Drag and drop the video to the channel of your course
Move a video

It is advised to create a link to your course channel within a module in Brightspace. Your students can also access the channel directly via, as long as they are enrolled in the course that the channel belongs to.  

Publishing the video to a channel

You now know how to manage videos in YuJa!


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