How to edit a video

YuJa offers the option to edit your own videos via the YuJa Video Editor. This is optional and not mandatory.

You can only edit videos that you own or that are shared with you without any restrictions. Here, you can find more information about roles and permissions for YuJa

Video instructions on how to edit a video

Access YuJa Video Editor

To access the YuJa editor, go to the green navigation bar:

  1. Click on Course Tools
  2. Select Manage Videos (YuJa)
Access YuJa Video Editor

The Media Library page will open, look for the video that you want to edit:

  1. Hover the cursor on the video
  2. Click Edit
Access the edit mode

The video editor will open and you can start editing your video.

It is recommended to turn on the advanced mode (middle right of the screen) to make sure that all information about editing match your view

YuJa Video Editor overview

In the YuJa Video Editor page, there are various tools to work with.

Editing interface
1. Progress bar

In the progress bar, you can move around the timeline of the video. You can do so by moving the cursor on the bar.

You can:

  • Drag and drop the pointer to the point of the video you want to go


  • Click within the bar on the point you want to go
2. Blue rectangle and blue line

The blue rectangle and blue line show you the moment of time you are in the video.

The blue rectangle gives you the timing of the video.

To move along the video, drag and drop the blue rectangle or the blue line.

3. Editing bar
Editing bar (advanced mode)

When the advance mode is turned on, several editing tools appear on the left of the bar:

  1. Advance Mode: turn it on to access to more editing options
  2. Scissors: used to cut out pieces of the video, click here to learn how to use it
  3. Undo: allows you to withdraw the last action
  4. Slide override: to upload a document (*.ppt, *.pptx, *.doc, *.docx, *.xlsx, *.pdf) or image (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png) to override the current video segment
  5. Add video: to insert a video
  6. Image tools: to insert a image
  7. Add text overlay: used to add typed text  
  8. Add telestration: to hand write a text

Save your editing

There are two different saving options:

  1. Replace Existing video: it overwrites the editing on the original file. The original file will be definitively edited


  1. Save as a New Video: the video edited will be saved as new. The original file is kept as well
Saving options

Most common editing

Cut a part of a video

Once you are in the YuJa video editor page:

  1. Move to the part of the video that you want to cut, using the progress bar or the blue rectangle/line
  2. Click on the Scissors
Get the scissors
  1. Drag and drop the mouse to the point where you want to finish the cut

The area selected is now cut out from your video but still visible within the gray area. You can use the undo button to withdraw your changes.

More about editing your cuts

After making the cut, you have several option:

  • Continue the cutting in other parts of the video, following the same procedure
  • Adjust previous cuts placing your cursor on the edges of the cut and dragging it where you want
  • Undo any cut by clicking the black cross in the corner of its gray area

Clicking the play button you can preview how the video looks like with your cut(s)

4. Click on Save

Add text to a video

You might want to add a text in order to:

  • Emphasize something
  • Explain difficult vocabulary in a video and show how it is written
  • Correct a small mistake you said while talking

To add text to a video:

  1. Navigate to the point of the video where you want to add the text overlay
  2. Click on Add text overlay
Yuja video Editor

A pop-up window will appear,

  1. Write your Text, select Font Size, and Duration of appearance
  2. Click Apply
Add text overlay

The text will appear on your slide. Position your cursor on the text:

  1. Drag and drop the text around the screen as you like
Edit or move the text

Double click on the orange area of the text overlay to be redirect to the pop-up page and adjust text, font size and duration. Click on the black cross at the edge, to delete the text overlaid

You can preview how the video looks like with text by clicking the button play

  1. Click on Save
Change the subtitles

The subtitles are automatically generated, however errors might occur in the spelling of words, when unfamiliar or not perfectly spelled. For instance, names of people, places and plants.

You can edit the subtitles in two different ways according to your needs:

Direct change under the video

Suitable if you watch the whole video

To change the subtitle directly under the video:

  1. Navigate to where you want to change the subtitles
  2. Click on the black bar
Change subtitles
Change using the bulk edit mode

Suitable to change reiterate mistakes due to the automated generation of subtitles

For instance, if the automatic captions replaced the word ‘third’ with ‘turd’ multiple times, you can search for the word ‘turd’ throughout the captions and change it everywhere with one click

To access the bulk edit mode:

  1. Click on Caption
Caption buttom

A pop-up window will appear on the right part of your screen,

  1. Click on the magnifying glass
  2. In Find, enter the world you want to substitute
  3. In Replace, insert the world you want to display
  4. Click on Aa if you want the search to be case sensitive
  5. Click on the double arrow if you want the replacement to happen only one time  
  6. Click on All if you want to change every match in one click
Subtitle bulk edit mode

You now know how to edit a video!


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