About YuJa

YuJa will be available for the all WUR teaching staff starting from February. For now, you can get familiar with the tool by reading the manual!

YuJa is the online platform where you can add your multimedia content, and the link them to Brightspace.

Different types of videos are used: Weblectures, knowledge clips and videos that you have created yourself, e.g. a MSTeams recording or a recording in PowerPoint.

Video instructions

Different types of educational video


A Weblecture is a recording of a course-related presentation, lecture or workshop that can be viewed live and after the recording has taken place.

The basic principle behind Weblectures at Wageningen University & Research is that they should serve as a reference and are only intended for students in the relevant course. If you make the recording available via one of the recommended ways on Brightspace all the users of the Brightspace page will be able to see the added Weblectures. 

For questions or comments about the service visit the¬†Weblectures intranet page or contact¬†[email protected]

Knowledge clips

A knowledge clip is a short video that is made in studio or on location and is about one topic, with one learning goal.

A Knowledge clip offers an alternative way to educating students. This is done by explaining one specific topic, instruction or concept to the student in a single video or clip. These knowledge clips typically last 5-7 minutes. 

Advantages of using Knowledge clips:

  • Students can access instruction about a topic or skill anytime, anyplace, anywhere
  • Students can receive specific instructions in a more engaging way than for instance via written instruction
  • Students can get one-on-one instruction about a difficult topic
  • Students can view only the parts of the topic that they did not yet understand
  • Lecturers can save time by investing in the production of knowledge clips, since you can use them multiple times and for different tasks and activities

For questions or comments about the service visit the¬†educational video intranet¬†page or¬†contact [email protected]

Where to find YuJa videos within Brightspace

There are five locations/ways you can access YuJa videos:  

  • As a content item in Brightspace
  • As a playlist in Brightspace: a link to multiple videos¬†in 1 content item
  • Embedded, either as a link or as a thumbnail, within a page in Brightspace
  • In a channel, in the Manage Video
  • In a channel, directly accessible via wur.yuja.com

Access the YuJa Media Library

In the Media Library, you can access all your media and organize them. You can access it directly form wur.yuja.com or through Brightspace page.

To access the Media Library, in the green navigation bar:

  1. Click on Course Tools
  2. Select Manage Videos (YuJa)
Manage video

The page wur.yuja.com will open in a new tab.

Understand the folder structure in YuJa media library

Different folders are available in the media library, each with different rights and roles.

Media Library

Within the Personal Menu, all media are either uploaded by you, or shared with you personally by one of your colleagues.

  1. My Media: to access all the video uploaded by you.
    Here you can:
    • New folder: to create a new folder within My Media
    • Upload: to upload a new video within My Media
  2. Shared with me: to access all the videos shared with you by other users.

In the Shared with me environment, it is not possible to create folders nor to upload contents  


The Share menu contains three different folders:

  1. Educational Events: containing all publicly available videos such as PhD defenses, inaugurations and festive activities
  2. WUR library: to access all material made available for the entire WUR, such as knowledge clips and other educational videos
  3. All my courses: to navigate through all the courses you have access within Brightspace

The naming structure of the channels in All my courses is similar to Brightspace and includes the course code, year and period, followed by the course name

Clicking on one of the channels in All my courses you will be redirect to the Media Library of the course, when your role is of a lecturer or comparable. Students will only be able to see these channels, and view the content in it. 

 Weblectures and Livestreams will become visible in this channel shortly after being recorded recorded. Weblectures will be placed in the main channel, while Livestreams will appear as a separate subchannel. 


Want to know more about multimedia in Brightspace?

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