How to manage a video in YuJa

If you get the message 'This video is restricted' for YuJa videos, please contact [email protected]

In YuJa, you can manage videos through the YuJa Media library. The rights to manage a video depend on the permission you have.

In this article you will learn how to:

About YuJa (summary video)

Access the YuJa Media Library

There are two ways to access the YuJa Media Library via the Brighspace page of your course or directly form

Via Brighspace page

To access the YuJa Media Library, in the green navigation bar:

  1. Click on Course Tools
  2. Select Manage Videos (YuJa)
Manage video

The YuJa Media Library will open in a new tab of your browser.


  1. Fill in the address bar of your browser and press Enter
Browser image
  1. Click Login
Login page

You will be directed to the YuJa Media Library.

Understand the folder structure in YuJa Media Library

Different folders are available in the Media Library, each with different rights and roles.

Media library

Within the PERSONAL Menu, you have 2 sections: My Media and Shared With Me.

  1. My Media: Here you can access all the videos uploaded by you. These videos are owned by you and you decide how to organize them, if and with whom you want to share them, and to which channels you want to publish them.

You should have already a default folder called Default Collection.

In this file you have the possibility to:

  • Create NEW FOLDER
  • UPLOAD a new video to My Media
  1. Shared With Me: Here you can access all the videos personally shared with you by other users.

In the Shared With Me section, it is not possible to create folders nor to upload contents.Ā 


The SHARED menu contains three different sections:

  1. Public Library: It contains all publicly available videos such as PhD defenses, inaugurations and festive activities. WUR is the owner of these videos.
  2. WUR Library: It contains all materials made available for all people in WUR, such as knowledge clips and other educational videos. The Educational Media team (WUR related) is the owner of these videos.
  3. All My Courses: It contains all YuJa channels of the courses you have access within Brightspace. It is where will be placed Weblectures and Livestreams after being recorded. Weblectures will be placed in the main channel, whileĀ LivestreamsĀ will appear as a separate subchannel. The Educational Media team is the owner of both weblectures and livestreams. However, you are the manager of the YuJa channel of your course and you can organize it as you prefer. You will only be able to see the channels that you have authenticated yourself in. If one is missing, go to that specific course in Brightspace > click on Course Tools > click on Manage Videos (YuJa).

The naming structure of the channels in All My Courses is similar to Brightspace and includesĀ the course code, year and period, followed by the course name.

Weblectures and Livestreams are only recorded and published if you requested them prior to the period your course is running. Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions about this.

How to publish a video to your YuJa course channel

Your students cannot access the channel via the green navigation bar in Brightspace. They can only access it when you provide a link to the channel as a content item in Brightspace. You can find here Add the YuJa channel of the course in Brightspace - YuJa All Videos how you can do that.

Weblectures and Livestreams are placed in the course channel automatically. All videos included as topics or as part of a description or HTML file via the Media Chooser in Brightspace will also be added to your course channel. Click here to learn how to add a video via the Media Chooser.

Videos from the library that you do not own can also be added to the channel by searching and adding them via the Media Chooser.

Content that you own, can be added to the channel directly via the Media Library. Note that adding a video to the channel, does not result in adding a video to Brightspace.

There are two ways of publishing your videos to a course channel:

Drag and drop the video to the course channel

To publish a video into a course channel in the Media Library:Ā Ā 

  1. Select the video(s) of your choice under the menu PERSONAL
  2. Drag and drop the video to the channel of your course
Move a video

Use the Publish button of the video

To publish a video into a course channel in the Media Library:Ā Ā 

  1. Select the video of your choice under the menu PERSONAL
  2. Hover over the video
  3. Click Publish
  1. Select the (sub)channel of the course
  2. Click Select
Select channel

The video has been published in the corresponding course channel.

It is possible to add a start-date for the video to become available in the channel. Click on ā€˜Additional Optionsā€™. Note that adding a start- and end-date is only possible for videos that you own.

Publishing the video to the content of Brighspace is a necessary but not sufficient step. You will have to publish the video in the YuJa channel of your course as well.

Note that it is possible to unpublish videos as well. If you accidentally unpublished a weblecture, contact [email protected] with a request to move the item back.

Now, you know how to manage videos in YuJa!

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