How to create an Unicheck assignment

Unicheck is a similarity tool that can be used by Lecturers and Students too. Lecturers can create Unicheck assignments by using the Brightspace Assignments tool. This facilitates the management and revision of students' submissions. Consequently, students can use the assignments tool to upload and submit assignments directly in the Brightspace Learning Environment, eliminating the need to email their work to lecturers.

This manual will explain how to:

Once an Assignment has submissions, it is no longer possible to change the assignment type (individual or group)!

Creating an Unicheck assignment

Navigate to your course page.

1. Click on Assessments

2. Then click on Assignments

In the Assignments homepage:

3. Click on the blue button New Assignment:

Basic settings

This action will open the New Assignment settings window

1. Give a clear Name to the assignment

Give the assignment a clear name. This will also be the name visible in the list of assignments on the Assignment homepage.

This field is mandatory.

Using keywords such as Submit, Unicheck, or Group work in the name of the assignment can help to identify the activity for the students once you add the assignment to the (sub)module in your Content.

2. Add Instructions (example text included)

Use this space to describe the assignment and give instructions for the students.

This information also appears as the description of the assignment when it is added to the Content view in a (sub)module.

Example instruction text:

To access the plagiarism tool Unicheck click on the link in the attachment. Here you can submit your draft report for the plagiarism check.

Optional instruction when using the student pre-check setting: mention here how many times a student can pre-check the report before submitting it to the lecturer.

Please do not forget to submit this assignment as a short text submission too e.g. mention in the text that you submitted the draft report in Unicheck.

For further instructions please visit:

3. Click the button Link to Existing Activity


Click on the button Link to Existing Activity

Add Unicheck Learning Tool

This will open a pop-up window with a list of available Quicklinks:

4. Click on External Learning Tools

In the list Quicklinks click on External Learning Tools

In the next page, a list of available links to External Learning Tools will appear. Scroll to the bottom of the page in the Insert Quicklink window to create a new LTI Link for Unicheck.

When creating the New LTI Link, copy and paste the following   into the field LTI URL
For more instruction on how to Create New LTI Link, please click on the foldable heading below

The newly created LTI link for the Unicheck assignment will appear now as an attachment underneath the grey Add Attachment button on the Brightspace Assignment settings page.

Attachment file appears

Submission, Completion and Categorization

This manual considers creating an individual assignment, therefore the Assignment Type is left at the default Individual assignment type.

9. Click the field Submission type, and a drop-down menu will appear

10. Click on Text Submission

Please choose TEXT SUBMISSION for the plagiarism check. In this way, as a lecturer, you will be able to view the progress of the submissions in Brightspace.

Click on text submission

Students will not be able to submit their work through the Brightspace Assignment, only via the new Unicheck link attached to the Brightspace Assignment. With Text Submission type of an assignment, the student will be able to notify you as a lecturer of their submission to the Unicheck link.

For more details on this section of Assignment settings please visit: Submission, Completion and Categorization

Evaluation and Feedback

There is no need to fill in Evaluation and Feedback section at this point!

Evaluation and Feedback

For more details on this section of Assignment settings please visit: Evaluation and Feedback

Save your assignment setting

While creating your assignment you have different options to save your progress or finished assignment. The progress or the assignment is not automatically saved while being created.

11. Click on the blue button Save and Close to close the assignment or the gray button Save and New if you need to create another assignment

Saving assignment

For more details please visit: Saving your assignment

Your students will now see the new assignment on the course page. 

Additionally, a manual has been created for students: How to submit to a Unicheck assignment.

You have now created an assignment with Unicheck Learning Tool!

You can subscribe to the Unicheck Training via the following link:

The following video is a demonstration on How to create a Unicheck assignment