Unicheck Assignment Settings

There are certain settings in Unicheck through which you can customize the similarity reports on students' submissions.

This manual will explain:

Accessing the Unicheck Assignment settings

Navigate to your course page in Brightspace. Then,

1. Click on Assessment, a drop down menu will appear

2. Click on Assignments

In the Assignments homepage you will see a table with the Assignments you have created:

3. Click on the Unicheck assignment you want to modify the settings

This action will take you to the Brightspace Assignment Submissions page.

4. Click on the grey button Edit Assignment

Click on the gray button Edit Assignment

This will open the Brightspace Assignment Settings page on the Properties tab.

5. Click on the Attached file

A new tab in your browser will open with the Unicheck assignment.

6. Click on the button Settings on the top right side of the page

Unicheck Settings

Default settings

This action will open the Unicheck Learning Tool Assignment Default Settings:

Unicheck assignment  default settings

Customise settings

There are five features in the Unicheck system which can be turned on or off. Each feature has two options:

  1. Exclude ON -  the system excludes the given feature when checking for similarity
  2. Exclude OFF - the system does not exclude the given feature when checking for similarity
1. Exclude submission from the Institutional Library

Use this option to:

  • Create draft assignment or to prevent the paper being stored in the database.
option: Exclude submission from the Institutional Library
Assignment version - use for: Repository
ON Draft version to prevent storage in the repository
OFF (default) Final version store in the repository

When making a draft version and final version be sure to make two different Unicheck assignments using the correct settings. Submission in "Final" assignment won't be matched against "Draft" assignments.

2. Auto Exclude Citations and Exclude References

Use this option to:

  • Choose to manage similarity check based on citations and references.
Auto exclude citations and auto exclude references

Unicheck will search for citations (APA, MLA, Turabian, Harvard, Chicago) and references in the text, and will highlight them:

  • Citations - marked with blue color
  • References - marked with violet color

Marked citations and references might increase the originality level.

3. Student precheck

Use this option to:

  • Allow or restrict students access to a precheck of their work before making a final submission within the Unicheck tool

Unicheck automatically skips student drafts for a given assignment when the Unicheck resubmit feature is used (a small blue button in the Unicheck submission overview page next to the Similarity score of the submission). All other matches will be reported.

Student precheck off
Exclude Student view Lecturer view
ON The student will see a Drafts folder within the Unicheck tool, where a user can upload draft versions of the assignment and run a Similarity check before making a final submission (even of a Draft paper).
The student will see a Similarity check and report for each submission to the Drafts folder within the Unicheck tool.
The lecturer will not be able to see the draft versions of students’ submission(s) to the Unicheck system.
OFF (default) The student has to directly submit their work (whether draft or final version) within the Unicheck tool.
The student can check the Similarity score.
The lecturer will see the submission(s) of students to the Unicheck system.

Keep in mind not to store the Draft version in the repository (Settings option 1 Exclude submission from the Institutional Library has to be set on Exclude ON).

4. System similarity settings

Use this option to:

  • Determine whether to omit sources that have below a certain percentage or number of words

For more information, please visit the following intranet page Originality and Plagiarism https://www.wur.nl/en/Library/Teachers/Originality-and-plagiarism.htm

System similarity settings
5. Show or hide similarity results from students

Use this option to:

  • Determine whether the students are able, or not, to:
    • See a similarity score
    • Have access to view a Unicheck report
Click on save

6. Click on the Save button whenever you change the settings of the Unicheck assignments to save them.

Click Green button save

You now know about Unicheck Assignment Settings!

You can subscribe to the Unicheck Training via the following link: https://esd.crs.wur.nl/courses/details/429