Virtual Classroom | Inviting external participants

Some lectures require of external participants to be part of the meeting. These users are different to the ones that have already guest account at WUR. 

When you have scheduled a meeting via Virtual Classroom as a lecturer you will be able to invite participants external to WUR to the meeting. External participants enter the meeting with the role of Viewer.

Invite external participants

When you are creating a meeting in your course environment via Virtual Classroom you have to select the option Invite external participants. This way you will be able to share a link to the meeting without having to create guest accounts to the course.

1. In settings of the meeting select Allow external participants
Create meeting - select Allow external participants

And do not forget to click Save after you have made the changes.

If you create a meeting and decide only later to invite external participants to the meeting, it is possible to edit this settings. However, you can do so only before the meeting start time and date. For more visit Virtual Classroom | How to edit scheduled meeting settings and delete a meeting.

Keep the Invite entire class setting selected for everyone from the Classlist to have access to the meeting. If you only use the Allow external participants setting the meeting will not be published in students' calendars. 

3. Select the meeting and click on the three dots

Navigate to the meeting to which you are inviting participants external to WUR. Click on the three dots in the row of the meeting name under column Actions.

Select meeting in the list of Virtual classroom meetings

Steps to be taken by the external participants

Once you share a link to an external participant to a meeting happening via Virtual Classroom they will be able to enter the meeting. Following steps explain how to enter the meeting, what options the external participant has and how the user can leave the meeting space.

Entering the meeting as external participant

The external participant will see a page as the one below when accessing the link you shared with them to the meeting. They will need to fill in Name and Surname before they are left inside the meeting space. Then click Go.

External participant - login page

This will take the user to the screen where they have to choose how they join the audio of the meeting:

Do not close this window, otherwise you wont be able neither to hear nor to speak during the session.

How to join the audio of a meeting screen

The external participant has now the option to choose:

  • Microphone - the participant will able to speak and listen
  • Listen Only - the participant will be only able to listen
In the meeting

The external participant will enter the meeting in the role of Viewer by Default. In this role these are the functions and tools available:

  1. User list - to see who is in the meeting you can click on the person icon in the upper left corner of the screen
  2. Chat - in each meeting chat is enabled automatically. To open the chat space click on the bubble icon. It will open the public chat of the meeting, and its contents will appear to the left of the main screen. It is also possible to have private chat (between two users) by clicking on the icon of a specific user
  3. Webcam - when the computer is equipped with a webcam, a webcam feed can also be shared
Leaving the meeting

To leave the meeting, the external participant needs to:

  1. navigate to the upper right corner of the meeting screen
  2. click the three dots for options to appear
  3. click on Leave
Leave meeting option

External participant as a presenter

If you want your external participant to share their screen or give a presentation, you can make them Presenter. For steps please see Make participant a Presenter.


You now know how to invite an external participant to a meeting in Virtual Classroom!