Virtual Classroom | Troubleshooting

Using Virtual Classroom you might sometimes encounter issues. Here are some common errors we have observed and answers how to solve them, and possibly prevent them from happening.

Authentication is required

This message can appear when you intend to open a recorded meeting via a link in the content of your course. 


You might be using an unsupported browser or have not enabled cookies.


Make sure you use one of the supported browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Micfrosoft Edge - Chromium (for further detail see browser compatibility). When using Bongo, you must be using one of those 3 browsers for full functionality.

If the error persists make sure you enable cookies on your browser. You can read the instructions how to enable cookies here.

Error #1004: Failure on Call

This error can appear while in the meeting and is linked to audio issues.


Missing permissions of the system and the browser to access microphone (or camera).


If the audio issue is persistent - meaning every time a participant is unable to join with audio, then it is possible that they need to Allow permission to the microphone in their computer System Privacy Settings. You must allow permission to the microphone in the Browser as well.

If audio issues are transient - meaning it works, and then they get the error and drop audio, they can try to rejoin audio.  They might also try using a different network to access Virtual Classroom as it could be network bandwidth on their side.

Also, make sure the user isn't using a VPN or proxy connecting to Brightspace (or a mobile hot-spot).

Click here for Audio/video basics in Virtual Classroom.

Error #1002: Could not make a WebSocket connection

This error can appear while attempting to join the meeting.


This usually means the OS or browser is blocking access to the microphone. 


Please check that the OS System Privacy settings that they Allow access (check Common Troubleshooting solutions by Bongo). Also, in the same article check Browser Permissions - for Chrome browser, please make sure the default device is configured.

You may also run tests for devices outside of Virtual Classroom (see information here).

And, if the device is running iPadOS/iOS check additional information here.

Error #105: LTI configuration error

This error message appears when attempting to access a link meeting that was not included correctly in the course content.

Error 105: LTI configuration error screenshot


It happens when the moderator schedules the meeting and does not select options Invite entire class or Allow external participants but shared the link that was visible only to him/her.


The solution is to select option Allow external participants and use the link generated via function Copy External URL to access to the meeting.

You now know how to troubleshoot some issues with Virtual Classroom!

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