Virtual Classroom | Breakout rooms and group work

Virtual Classroom can be used for group work too. For this, you can either make use of the Breakout rooms function, or you can schedule multiple group-restricted meetings based on Brightspace group enrollments.

Breakout rooms allow you to split your Virtual Classroom sessions into 8 separate sessions. Once the breakout rooms are created you can assign different users to them. This way, you can assign separate groups to different breakout rooms and thus, facilitate group work via Virtual Classroom.

Remember, breakout room sessions are not recorded!

Creating breakout rooms

To create breakout rooms within a Virtual Classroom session launch your meeting and follow the steps below:

1. Click on the breakout rooms icon. A new panel will open on the left-hand side

2. Click on Create Breakout Rooms. A new screen will open to edit the settings of the breakout rooms

create breakout rooms left side panel

On the next screen, you can define the settings of the breakout rooms such as the number of rooms, duration of the breakout session, and assign users to rooms.

3. Select the number of breakout rooms you want to create from the drop-down menu

4. Define the duration of the breakout rooms session by typing the minutes or clicking on the (-) and (+) icons

5.  Under the Not assigned column type the name of participants that won't be assigned to any room. It might come in handy to add moderators and/or lecturers here if they don't need to participate in the breakout session

6. Click on Randomly assign to distribute participants randomly among the breakout rooms. You can also drag-and-drop the name of participants between the rooms to change their assigned room manually

7. After you are done with adjusting the settings click on the Create button

Participants will be able to see the remaining time of the breakout rooms. After the time is up, breakout rooms will close and participants will be sent back to the main session automatically.

breakout rooms settings screen

On the left-hand side, in the breakout rooms panel, you will see that the rooms have been created. Here you will see the following:

1. Rooms list - the list of all the rooms available and the number of participants on each in brackets

2. Join room or Join audio- to join a specific breakout room or join only to its audio. As a lecturer you can join any room at any time The first user to join the breakout room will be made moderator (and can make others a moderator too)

3. Time remaining - time left until breakout rooms get automatically closed

4. Invite participants - to edit the participants' list, similar to the settings of the previous screen. Here you can move participants between rooms

5. End all breakout rooms - to end all the breakout rooms before the end of the set time duration. Only available to the meeting organizer

Once a participant is assigned to a breakout room, they cannot be transferred to another room. However, moderators can switch between different rooms.

You can leave a breakout room at any time by clicking on the Leave button (top right corner). Then you will be redirected to the main session.

After leaving a breakout room, participants will be asked to re-join the audio of the main session. Once participants are back in the mains session they will have the original roles that were assigned to them upon their first entry to the Virtual Classroom session.

breakout rooms left panel lecturer view

This is the way to create breakout rooms in Virtual Classroom.