Virtual Classroom | How to enter a meeting

After you have scheduled a meeting via Virtual Classroom as a lecturer you will be able to launch the meeting.

This article will show you what to do to enter the meeting space.Ā 

Enter the session

When you enter the meeting room there are few things you will have to do before you can take part in the session.

1. How to join the audio

First, you can choose how to enter the audio via: Ā 

how to join the audio message
1.1. Microphone

If you intend to speak or present at any point during the meeting, click the microphone icon. Please note: you will need to allow permission for your browser to access your mic.

1.2. Listen Only

If you are going to listen only and do not intend to speak, click the headphone icon.

1.3. Join using your phone

Users can access the dial-in information directly from the join audio promptĀ seen when joining the meeting or clicking the ā€˜Join Audioā€™ button.Ā If Ā you choose to Join using your phone a new window will appear with the dial-in information.


Ā Note: Check the basic requirements and settings for Microphone and CameraĀ here.

Do not close this window, otherwise you won't be able neither to hear nor to speak during the session.

2. Allow browser to access microphone

If your browser asks you to allow Bongo Virtual Classroom to use your microphone, click on Allow. Blocking it will disable you to join the meeting with microphone.

allow browser access to microphone

3. Echo test

When you select the option of joining audio with microphone, you will be asked to perform a private echo test. Here you will be able to check your audio - microphone and speaker before joining the meeting.

Echo test message

4. Entering the meeting space

Once you go through the steps 1 to 3 you will be let into the meeting space. The functions you see are based on your role through which you join/participate in the meeting. For more on roles in Virtual Classroom click here.

You now know how to join the meeting in Virtual Classroom!

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