Replace an existing Course guide in the LOR

This article will show you how to replace an existing Course guide in the LOR.

If there is a new version of the Course guide available and you want to replace the current Course guide with that one, you must take the following steps.

Limitations: only users with the role of Educational Designer or the original uploader of the initial document to the LOR can replace or delete that document.

Furthermore, when a Course guide is uploaded under the same name, it is added as a new file to the LOR with the same name. This is because the name is not unique within the LOR (this is how the LOR works). Therefore, replacing the Course guide is the only solution.

Like the first steps to publish the initial Course guide to the LOR you must first prepare the Course guide document in PDF format. Be sure to use the correct filename: CourseCode_Year Course Name (e.g. HNH24806_2019 Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health.pdf).

1. Navigate to Course Tools

2. Click Course Admin

Navigate to Course tools in your course page, then click Course Admin option

3. Scroll down to "Learning Repository", and click Publish

4. Choose file and browse in your computer, or drag & drop the course guide here

5. Choose Overwrite Existing Object

6. Click Search to lookup the Course guide you want to replace


7. In the search screen, type the course code in the search field

8. Click on Search

9. Select the right Course guide you want to replace

10. Click Next

11. In the next screen check that the name of the Course guide is now in the Object field

12. Click Next

The import process of the document to the LOR starts. After this, review that the publishing is complete.

13. Click Done

You now know how to replace an existing Course guide in the LOR!

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