How to use Multimedia in Brightspace

‘Multimedia’ are recordings that are made to support educational activities (e.g. presentation, practical, demonstration, interview, test, assignment, feedback or an assignment) and can be uploaded here by the instructors themselves. If you have any questions or comments about the service of team Multimedia or one of its components you can contact

The basic principle behind Multimedia at Wageningen University & Research is that they should serve as a reference and are only intended for students in the relevant course. If you make the recording available via one of the recommended ways on Brightspace all the users of the Brightspace page will be able to see the added multimedia content.

This manual will show how to:

1. In the navigation bar of the course click on Content

2. Click on the module or submodule where you would like to place the video(s). In this example we choose for the module “Weblectures

3. Click on Existing Activities, this will open a drop-down list

4. Click on External Learning Tools this will open the External Learning Tools pop-up window

5. From the External Learning Tools pop-up window, click Multimedia, this will add the Multimedia learning tool to the module

6. Click on the new Multimedia learning tool

Adding a video

If a video needs to be uploaded first, follow the steps below

7. Search for the subject(s) to be added

8. Click Search

9. Tick the box of the videos that need to be included in the custom selection

10. If needed, you can select all videos on the page, or clear your entire selection by clicking Deselect all

11. When a single video is selected, there is the option to show it as a thumbnail, a link with custom text (for example a short description), or an embedded player. For the embedded player there is the option to Autoplay the video when opened.

12. When all required videos are selected, click Save

Uploading a video

7. Click Upload (right top corner of the screen)

8. Click Add File, this will open an explorer pop-up. Select the file and double click/click Open

9. Required: Give the video a Title

10. Required: Enter a description of the video. This will be visible for students.

11. Enter keywords to be used as search parameters

12. If needed, enter the course code of the relevant course

13. If needed, enter the course name of the relevant course

14. Select the recording type

15. When all relevant information is entered, click Upload

16. Your video will be processed in the background, click OK

17. You can see the progress in the upload window. In this step you can also Delete the video.

18. When processed, the video is available to be added in the steps described above. Next to that you can now find your file on to make changes to the metadata or to delete the file.

You now know how to use Multimedia in Brightspace!

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