How to use Knowledge clips in Brightspace

A knowledge clip is a short video that is made in studio or on location and is about one topic, with one learning goal. If you have any questions or comments about the service of Knowledge clips or one of its components you can take a look at the educational video intranet page. If your question is not listed you can contact

The basic principle behind knowledge clips at Wageningen University & Research is that they should serve as a reference and are only intended for students in the relevant course. If you make the recording available via one of the recommended ways on Brightspace all the users of the Brightspace page will be able to see the added knowledge clips.

This manual will explain:

Advantages of using Knowledge clips

A Knowledge clip offers an alternative way to educating students. This is done by explaining one specific topic, instruction or concept to the student in a single video or clip. These knowledge clips typically last 5-7 minutes.


  • Students can access instruction about a topic or skill anytime, anyplace, anywhere;
  • Students can receive specific instructions in a more engaging way than for instance via written instruction;¬†
  • Students can get one-on-one instruction about a difficult topic;¬†
  • Students can view only the parts of the topic that they did not yet understand.¬†
  • Lecturers can save time by investing in the production of knowledge clips, since you can use them multiple times and for different tasks and activities.¬†

Navigate to your Course, in the green navigation bar,

1.  Click on Content

2. Select the (sub) module where the Knowledge clip needs to be added

3. Click on Existing Activities, a drop-down menu will appear, scroll down

4. Click on External Learning Tools

Content |Module | Existing Activities | External Learning Tools

In the pop-up window Add Activity, scroll down and,

5.  Click on Knowledge clips, this will create a Knowledge clips learning tool to the (sub)module

Click on Knowledge clips

6. Click on the newly created Knowledge clips topic

Knowledge clips topic insertion in the module
Using a custom selection
  1. Select Custom selection
  2. Search for the subject(s) to be added
  3. Click on Search
  4. Tick the box of the videos that need to be included in the Custom selection
  5. If needed, you can click on Select all on this page, or clear your entire selection by clicking Deselect all
  6. When a single video is selected, there is the option to show it as a Thumbnail, a Link with custom text (for example a short description), or an Embedded player. For the embedded player there is the option to Autoplay the video when opened
  7. When all required videos are selected, click Save


Knowledge clips | Custom selection
Using a dynamic filter

Keep in mind, dynamic filters are only available when using the Advanced search.

  1. Click on the Advanced search box
Click on Advanced search box
  1. Click on Use dynamic filter
  2. The dynamic link will create a permanent search-link for a specific search string. Depending on the requirements the following combinations can be used:
  • When all videos of a course for multiple years have to be shown: Search¬†CourseCode or Title¬†+¬†like¬†or¬†equal¬†+¬†coursecode
  • When only videos of that year are to be shown: Search¬†CourseCode or Title¬†+¬†like¬†AND¬†CourseYear¬†+¬†SelectYear

Depending on the search parameters used, new Weblectures that are published during this period will automatically appear in this Weblectures learning tool.

  1. When more filters are needed, click the + to get another search box. The filter can be set as AND, OR, and OR NOT (arrowed box)
  2. Click on Save
Knowledge clips | dynamic filter

You now know how to use Knowledge clips in Brightspace!

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