How to add quick links to the Editor

This article shows you how to add quick links through the following steps:

With the editor you can link to other parts of your course in Brightspace, such as Announcements, Assignments and course files.

Click on Insert Quicklink

Click on the type of item you want to link to and then select the desired item. The item appears as a link in the editor

  1. Navigate to Content in the Navbar of your course
  2. Navigate to the desired (sub) module
  3. Click Upload / Create 
  4. Click Create a File

5.  Give the file a title

6.  Click on Insert Quicklink

7.  Click on Surveys

8.  Click on desired command to add it directly in the editor or click on the pencil icon behind the command to first change the settings

9.  Click on Insert

10.  The blue text in the editor is the link. Optional: add a description for the students

11.  Click Publish to make the file with the link available in your course. Click on Save as Draft to work on it later

You can also refer to an entire module via a quick link. To do this, click on Insert Quicklink  and then on Content. Then click on the desired module and then click on the plus sign after the name of the module (top right of the list). You can then add the module by clicking on Insert. 


You now know how to add quick links to the Editor!