How to manually run an Intelligent Agent

When no scheduling options have been defined for the Intelligent Agent, then it is necessary to run the agent manually to evaluate whether the activation criteria are met at any moment.

This article explains:

  • how to manually run an Intelligent Agent

Navigate to your course page, then in the green navigation bar

  1. Click Course tools
  2. Click Intelligent Agents
Agent List - Practice Course [carlos.serranofajardo] - Wageningen University & Research - Google Chrome

You will land on the Agent List page, the homepage of Intelligent Agents tool.

  1. Click the arrow next to the name of the Intelligent Agent you want to test
  2. Click Run Now

A window pops up with confirmation message.

5. Click Run

confirmation pop up window. Click blue button to Run.

The previous action automatically triggers a response from the Intelligent Agent. If the agent is running properly, emails have been sent to the right users. You will also see the following screen verifying that the process was executed successfully.

  1. Click Done

You will be returned to the Agents List page.

Right after running an Intelligent Agent, an icon may appear next to the Intelligent Agent name. This indicates that the Intelligent Agent is running. Once finished, the icon disappears. 

Gear icon next to Intelligent Agent name indicates that the agent is running. Wait until it dissappears.

Now it is possible to check whether the right action was performed when the Intelligent Agent was activated. To do so,

  1. Click the arrow next to the name of the Intelligent Agent you want to check
  2. Click View History

The Intelligent Agent History page will open.

9. Under the column Result click # users identified

A new page opens with an overview of users that the Intelligent Agent acts on. It is also possible to read the sent emails by clicking Email sent.

history page of users. Click email sent to see the email text.

If you can see the right users and the right email message, then the Intelligent Agent has been configured successfully!

You now know how to manually run an Intelligent Agent in Brightspace!