How to edit quiz question visibility and properties

In Brightspace Quiz tool it is possible to manage how the quiz questions will appear to students when taking the quiz.

This article will explain:

Where to edit quiz questions properties

To open the settings and properties of questions in an existing quiz, first navigate to your course, then

  1. Click Assessment in the green navigation bar
  2. Click Quizzes
Click Assessment, then click Quizzes

On the quiz homepage navigate to the quiz where you want to edit the properties of the questions. Then,

  1. Click on the quiz name
3.Click on the quiz name

This will open the quiz settings page. Here scroll to the section Quiz Questions:

This will open the quiz settings page. Here scroll to the section Quiz Questions:

Quiz question properties

You can adjust the following general properties of questions in a Brightspace quiz:

Each of the options is explained in the following text.

Questions per page

With Questions per Page it is possible to either have a limited number of questions per page, when left blank the entire quiz will be presented on a single page.

To make use of this option:

  1. Type the number in the box
  2. Click the button Apply

A purple line will appear in the question overview below dividing the questions by the number you typed, and a number in the first column Page of the overview will indicate the page number of the question

quiz questions ordering visualisation

To remove the paging click on each purple line between the questions in the overview.

Prevent moving backwards through quiz pages

When this option is enabled, students taking the quiz will only be able to move forward through pages. They will not be allowed to move to a previous page once they have left it.

For example, when a question is a follow-up of a previous question that gives a hint to the correct answer.

Shuffle questions at the quiz level

Tick the box Shuffle questions at the quiz level to present the quiz in a different order for each student. Quiz Sections (if used) will also be shuffled, sub-questions will not.

Edit value per question

When clicking the button Edit Values the questions overview becomes editable for:

  • the points of a question
  • the difficulty of a question
  • making a question a Bonus question
  • making a question mandatory
edit value

Click Save and Close at the bottom of the page to save changes and return to the Quiz homepage.

You now know how to edit properties of quiz questions in Brightspace!

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