How to add questions to a Quiz

Questions can be created or imported from the Question Library and added to a quiz, even once this latter has been created.

This article will explain how to:

Adding questions to a quiz

  1. Click on Assessments in the green navigation bar
  2. From the drop-down menu click Quizzes
Click Assessment, then click Quizzes

To add question whilst creating a new quiz check the article How to create a Quiz in order to check the steps before adding questions. Then proceed directly to Step 5 of this article.

On the Quiz homepage navigate to the quiz to which you want to add questions. Then,

  1. Click on the black arrow next to the quiz name
  2. From the drop-down menu, click on Edit to add questions to an existing quiz
Click arrow next to quiz name, then click Edit

This will redirect you to the Edit Quiz page.

  1. Click on Add/Edit Questions this will open the question menu for the quiz

For a new quiz, this is only possible after entering a name for the quiz.

Click Add or Edit questions button

Now, the Question Editor will open and you can choose to either (1) Add or (2) Import questions.

Quiz question creator opens with buttons Add and Import

1. Adding quiz questions by creating them (one by one)

(Steps 6 to 12) Adding quiz questions via button Add
  1. Click on Add to create a question or a quiz section or a question pool
  2. Click on New Question to add a new question

It's now possible to select the type of question to add.

Click Add, then click New Question

Several options of question types appear. Check out Quiz question types  to get an overview of the different options.

  1. Let's choose a Multiple Choice question (MC) for example
types of questions to add drop-down menu

Now, the question editor opens.

9. Enter the question

To get further instruction on the different setting available when creating a question, visit About question types, sections and question pool

2. Adding quiz questions by importing them (from a file or Question Library)

(Steps 6 to 7) Adding quiz questions via button Import

You can also add questions to your quiz by importing them.

Follow the steps 1 to 5 from the section Adding quiz questions of this article. Then,

  1. Click on Import to import existing questions,
  2. From the drop-down menu choose:
    • Upload a File to import questions from a file (only .csv and .zip files are supported), or 
    • Browse Question Library to import questions from the Question Library to this quiz
import button and drop-down menu to upload files or browse question library

To import question from Question Library please continue to the article How to add questions to a Quiz from Question Library.

Follow the system's instructions of either of the options on importing questions to your quiz.

You now know how to add questions to a quiz in Brightspace!

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