Virtual Classroom | Available functions in a meeting

Virtual Classroom will be phased out on 31 st of August 2022. In case you have any questions, need further support and/or solutions for recordings that need to be re-used contact us via [email protected] .

In the meeting you will have several tools and functions that can support your session.

This article will show you the available controls or functions during the meeting via Virtual Classroom. 

Control the session

When you are in the meeting you will see different icons on the screen all around the main presentation space. The available icons are described in the text below one by one according to their position on the screen below.

Top screen controls

Top screen controls
1. User list

To see who is in the meeting you can click on the person icon in the upper left corner of the screen. A vertical bar opens to the left of the screen with the names of the participants in the meeting.

In the list you will see different icons and shapes. To learn what they represent click here: Participant roles in Virtual Classroom and their options.

The presenter is highlighted in the participant menu to make it more clear who is Presenting. The user list is sorted first by role (Moderator role at the top) then alphabetically. It is not possible to search within the user list, you will have to scroll through it to find the user you want.

User list

1.1. Mute all

The moderators are able to mute all participants with one click, but not to unmute them too. The participants need to unmute themselves if they need to speak or present.

1.2. Permissions

The moderators are able to restrict the participants from using a list of different features during the meeting. By clicking the permissions button a pop-out window will appear with all the options.

1.3. Participants

By clicking on the name of a participant you will be able to:

  • have a private Chat with the participant
  • make the participant a Presenter (even if the participant joined with a Viewer role)
  • promote the participant to moderator
  • remove participant from the meeting
2. Chat

In each meeting chat is enabled automatically. To open the chat space click on the bubble icon. It will open the public chat of the meeting, and its content will appear to the left of the main screen. It is also possible to have private chat (between two users) by clicking on the icon of a specific user (as described in 1. User list above).

Chat space

The chat function of Virtual classroom is available by default. You can send files via the link above the text message field. It is not possible to embed images, nor play audio files in the chat. Also no emoticons are enabled.

In a recorded meeting the chat is also recorded and can be viewed in-time when playing the recording.

The chat function can be disabled. For more click here.

To Save the chat click the three vertical dots next to the title Public Chat. Here you can also access the option to Clear the chat.

Be aware that the contents of Public Chat can be Saved or Copied also by students.

3. Polling

The Presenter is able to initiate a Polling in the meeting.

The Polling plug-in offers six different types of poll questions, but it also possible to create a custom poll. 

Polling - create poll
4. Breakout Rooms

The Moderators in the meeting can start the Breakout rooms (for more on breakout rooms click here).

Breakout room - create
  • Moderators are now able to randomly assign users to breakout rooms to speed up the setup of rooms. 
  • Moderators can now drop in and out of audio for each breakout room from the main room using the breakout room menu. 

(Source Bongo)

Breakout room - manage
5. Closed captions
Closed captions - add to session

Live captioning is now available to Moderators from the left menu.  

6. Recording of the meeting
Recording button

To record the meeting, go to the top of the screen in the middle and click on the letters Start recording. Once the recording starts this will change to Recording in red letters. To stop recording, click on Recording.

7. General session controls
Virtual classroom meeting - make fullscreen, leave, end, settings

In the upper right corner, the three dots provide the opportunity to go to: Make fullscreen, Settings, About, to End meeting (option visible only if you are a Presenter) or Leave the meeting.

  1. Viewers can now Make fullscreen the session in Virtual Classroom.
  2. Settings lets you customise the general setting of the session such as Add close caption to the video, Disable Webcams and/or Desktop Sharing. If experiencing problems with internet connection, Lock features for participants such as Webcam, Microphone, Public chat, and Private Chat. For more click here.
  3. End meeting is option visible only to participants with the role of Moderator or Presenter in the meeting.
  4. Leave gives you the option to just leave the meeting without ending it.

Bottom screen controls

bottom screen controls
8. Add presentation

When you have the role of a Presenter you can see this button which allows you to add presentation file(s) to the meeting. You can add any office file but the recommended type is PDF for optimal viewing.

To learn how to add a presentation and how to manage it please visit Virtual Classroom | How to manage your presentation.

9. Microphone

Here you can mute and unmute your microphone.

Be aware that when joining a meeting you have to choose whether you join via Microphone or Listening only. If you do not choose any option and only close the window, you will neither hear others nor be able to speak to them. If that happens, you can leave and rejoin the meeting choosing one of the two options. In case you choose the option Listening only, you won't be able to turn on your microphone later on, unless, you select the option Leave audio and rejoin the audio by choosing the Microphone option.

10. Leave audio
Leave audio icon

You have the option to leave the audio of the meeting. If you choose this option you wont be able to hear nor speak.

To rejoin the meeting with audio, leave the meeting and join again.

11. Webcam

By clicking on the icon you are able to share your webcam. A window pops out with settings before you will be able to share (you can leave the default settings or change them if you prefer). Click Start Sharing button to share your webcam. To stop sharing the camera, click on the Webcam icon.

Click Webcam, and in pop up window click Start sharing

By default, webcams stream can be seen on the screen above the presentation slides. 

Resize presentation and webcam stream

For more on how to manage the view of webcams and slides please visit Manage your screen view.

12. Share screen
share screen option in meeting

It is also possible to share your screen, even while presenting slides. You can choose to share:

  • Your Entire Screen,
  • Only a specific Application Window, or
  • A specific browser (Chrome) Tab (depends on browser you use).

Right side screen controls

tools in meeting
13. Tools
icon Tools

There are different types of tools you can use during a meeting:

  1. Type text - after clicking on this option you can choose size and colour
  2. Draw lines, circles, triangles, squares - after clicking on this option you can choose thickness of lines and colour
  3. Freehand draw - after clicking on this option you can choose thickness of lines and colour
14. Undo annotation
icon Undo annotation

To undo the last annotation only click on this icon.

15. Clear All Annotations
icon Clear All Annotations

By clicking this icon all annotations made on the slide (whiteboard) will be erased.

16. Multi-user mode
icon Multi-user mode

When you turn multi-user mode on, participants in the meeting will have the Tools, Undo annotation, Clear All Annotations enabled. Their pointers will be visible on the slide with their names and can be distinguished by colour depending on their role in the meeting. Presenter will be in red colour, Moderator(s) in blue, and Viewers in green.

To turn off the multi-user mode click on the icon again. If annotations by these users have been made and you want to delete them click on the icon Clear All Annotations.


You now know how to control and use available functions in a meeting in Virtual Classroom!

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