Virtual Classroom | Manage and launch your meetings

Virtual Classroom will be phased out on 31 st of August 2022. In case you have any questions, need further support and/or solutions for recordings that need to be re-used contact us via [email protected] .

When you have scheduled a meeting via Virtual Classroom as a lecturer you will be able to manage your meetings, and see the list of active and recorded meetings. You will also be able to launch the meetings even if you were not the one who scheduled them.

To see the list of all the meetings created in Virtual Classroom navigate to Course tools in the green navigation bar, then select Virtual Classroom.

How to access list of meetings of Virtual Classroom

You will now see the list of all the meetings, Active on top, Recorded on the bottom of the page, sorted from the most recent to the oldest.

Virtual classroom - list of meetings

Functions to manage Active meetings

In Active meetings list you see columns Title, Scheduled At, and Actions.

Virtual classroom - admin options

Under Actions by clicking on the three dots of a specific meeting you will see more options:  

1. Launch

By clicking on Launch a new window will pop up. The meeting can start on the scheduled date and time when you click on the Enter the meeting. Any role in Brightspace higher than Student role will be able to launch or access the meeting this way even if the person is not the one scheduled the meeting.

Use this function to launch your meetings and enter the meeting space as moderator (rather than entering the meeting via the Content link to the meeting).

3. Manage Invites

This option becomes available if you do not select to Invite entire class when setting up the meeting. When this option is available you can select from a list of course users (only users with the Student role of your Brightspace Classlist will appear) who you want to invite.  The meeting becomes available in the course Calendar only for the selected users. Note: If you do not see anyone click on Sync Roster to synchronise the Virtual Classroom with your Brightspace course page.

4. Edit

Using this option you can edit your meeting settings. For more read Editing or removing meetings

5. Cancel

By clicking Cancel you will be able to delete the meeting. This will remove the meeting from the course Calendar as well.

Functions to manage Recorded meetings

In Recorded meetings list you see columns Title, Actual Start Time, End Time, Status, and Actions.

  • Status - you can see whether your recorded meeting was already processed (marked with âś”) or is still being processed (marked with ⧗).

Under column Actions by clicking on the three dots of a specific meeting you will access more options:  

Virtual classroom - admin options - recorded meetings
1. Preview

Clicking this option you can preview the recording, either before you publish it to your students or just to go through the recording anytime you want.

2. Copy Public Url

If you want to share the recording of the meeting you can copy the URL. When you click on it, it will copy the link into the memory. You can then paste the link in the desired location (mail, message, course content).

3. Download

You can download the meeting to your pc. However, this downloads a package with several different files.  For more information visit the website of the developer Bongo.

4. Attendance

You can review the attendance of the meeting.

5. Delete

You can delete the meeting from the list. You will not be able to restore the deleted meeting.


You now know how to manage a meeting in Virtual Classroom!