Virtual Classroom | How to edit scheduled meeting settings and delete a meeting

Virtual Classroom will be phased out on 31 st of August 2022. In case you have any questions, need further support and/or solutions for recordings that need to be re-used contact us via [email protected] .

It is possible to edit the time, date, title (and some options) of a scheduled meeting via Virtual Classroom, as well as delete the unnecessary meetings, whether only scheduled and/or already recorded.

You are also able to edit the meeting date, time, title, and some options of a meeting that was not 'used' (meeting was scheduled but has not been launched).

How to edit settings of a meeting (time/date/title) of Virtual Classroom

First, navigate to the course where you would like to edit or delete the meeting via Virtual Classroom.

2. Select the meeting to edit
Edit option of a meeting in Virtual Classroom

In the section Active Meetings navigate to the column Actions and click on the three dots in the row of the meeting you want to edit. From the drop-down menu select option Edit.

For meetings that the scheduled time and date have passed, but have not been launched (started) it is possible to edit the time, date, title and some options as well.

Please be aware that you cannot edit a meeting that has already started (has been launched). Therefore, check the settings of the meeting before the scheduled time. 

3. Options to edit
Edit settings of the meeting

After clicking on Edit a window pops up with the same option as when you scheduled the meeting. Here you can edit all the details of the meeting to your needs: title, meeting date, meeting time, maximum duration, and other settings (you cannot unselect the option Invite entire class).

Then click Save.

The Invite entire class option cannot be edited later. So, make sure you to leave this option selected (by default) when you create the meeting. 

Removing meetings from the list

In the same page where you manage your meetings of Virtual classroom (Course Tools > Virtual Classroom) you can also delete a meeting from the list. You can delete a scheduled meeting (in Active meetings) as well as a recorded meeting (in Recorded meetings).

Delete scheduled (active) meeting

In the list of Active meetings navigate to the name of the scheduled meeting, and in the same row click the three dotted icon in the Actions column. A drop-down menu appears with available actions. Select Cancel.

Active meeting delete option

Before you will be able to delete the meeting a confirmation window pops out.

Confirmation Active Meeting cancel window
Delete recorded meeting

After your meeting has finished and you chose to record it, then you will find it in the list of Recorded meetings (in Course tools > Virtual Classroom). However, if you decided to delete this meeting from your list, it is possible.

Clicking on the three dots in the same line of the name of the meeting will show a drop-down menu with the following options:

Recorded meeting delete option

Before you will be able to delete the meeting a confirmation window pops out.

Confirmation Recorded Meeting cancel window

Please be aware that it is not possible to edit a recorded meeting. The file generated for download is a zip file and contains an html file of the recording (plus other files), not an editable version of a file.


You now know how to edit settings of and remove a meeting via Virtual Classroom!

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