How to use Weblectures in Brightspace

A Weblecture is a recording of a course-related presentation, lecture or workshop that can be viewed live and after the recording has taken place. If you have any questions or comments about the service of team Weblectures or one of its components, you can look at the Weblectures intranet page. If your question is not listed you can contact [email protected].

The basic principle behind Weblectures at Wageningen University & Research is that they should serve as a reference and are only intended for students in the relevant course. If you make the recording available via one of the recommended ways on Brightspace all the users of the Brightspace page will be able to see the added Weblectures.

In this article, you will learn how to:

Weblectures uses the format XXX00000 for courses, searches that use the format XXX-00000 will not work

Adding a Weblecture topic to a (sub)module
  • The name and description of the Weblecture module can be changed afterwards similar to other content in Brightspace, for example, to customize the module to include the course code
  • Multiple Weblecture modules can be added, for example, one with a dynamic link, and one with a custom selection (other courses, specific lectures from previous years)
  • The Weblecture module(s) can be still edited while the course is running, for example, to add additional videos

Navigate to your Course, in the green navigation bar,

  1. Click on Content
  2. Select  the (sub)module you would like to add the Weblecture to
  3. Click on Existing Activities, a drop-down menu will appear
  4. Click on External Learning Tools
Content | (sub)module | Existing Activities | External Learing Tools

In the pop-up window Add Activity, scroll down and,

  1. Click on Weblectures, this action will create a Weblectures learning tool to the (sub)module
Pop-up window Add activity | Weblectures
  1. Click on the newly created Weblectures topic
Click on Weblectures topic
Using a custom selection
  1. Select Custom selection
  2. Search for the subject(s) to be added
  3. Click on Search
  4. Tick the box of the videos that need to be included in the Custom selection
  5. If needed, you can click on Select all on this page, or clear your entire selection by clicking Deselect all
  6. When a single video is selected, there is the option to show it as a Thumbnail, a Link with custom text (for example a short description), or an Embedded player. For the embedded player there is the option to Autoplay the video when opened
  7. When all required videos are selected, click Save
Weblectures | Options
Add a livestream

7. When the advanced search is enabled there is also the option to add a livestream

8. Enter the search parameters course code, course period and course year

9. Select Scheduled

10. Select Use dynamic filter

11. Click Search

12. Click Save 


Add a livestream

You now know how to use Weblectures in Brightspace!

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